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Mangalam Merit Point (Ajay Mangal)


The Carrier Makers (Bharat Taluja)


Ajay Mangal

Mr. Ajay Mangal
Contact Number :- +91-9887453956, +91-9549969624

Team Advisor

Pankaj Sharma

pankaj sharma, gangapur city

Contact E-mail :- [email protected]
Contact Number :- +91-9413503531, +91-9694279533

Management Team

  • Pankaj Sharma – 9413503531
  • Balvindar Singh – 9509401020
  • Ajay Bhardwaj – 9784298384
  • Rishi Pal – 9660419055

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Location: Gangapur City

Comments (3)

  1. Pankaj Sharma

    गंगापुर सिटी की धरा पर शिद्दत से एक jhankar नामक पेड़ अपलोड किया था,,,

    देखिये तो

    बादलों के कुछ झुंड आ गए… लाइक करने के लिए…….
    अब क्या करे कुछ लोग धूप से परेशां ,
    और ………….. तकलीफ हो रही है बारिश से

    करें भी तो क्या शुमार है ,
    कुछ इंसानो की आदत मे ।।।

  2. Pankaj Sharma

    Hello guys…………………..
    Gangapur all dancers and singers want to give the notice does not believe in any reality show, some people are misusing the name of our “JHNKAAR”,
    you are requested to use their discretion and accurate and reliable team faith in your own favorite “JHANKAR” for you soon come to you. Just you wait a few days, please, please do not just focus on some other rumors, your own ,
    Founder PANKAJ SHARMA ,BALVINDER SINGH will be with you soon, just wait a few days ……

  3. Pankaj Sharma

    Dancers and singers of all Gangapurcity ,
    I want to tell you not to give undue attention to any silly gossip you ,
    soon in Gangapur City,
    ” The Mega Star Of City”
    is bringing back the old management team
    and twice Josh and ……….
    same old management team with a new enthusiasm
    Pankaj Sharma,
    Balwinder Singh,
    Ajay Bhardwaj,
    Rishi Pal
    Maan Singh Chauhan

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